The 79th Hunger Games was a fight to the death between 24 tributes. Thalia Combe competed in these Games, resulting in her death. The tributes of the games are listed below.

The ArenaEdit

The Cornucopia is placed in a field with Really tall grass for tributes to hide in. Each Tribute's platform is in a circle around the cornucopia in the tall grass.

To the right of the cornucopia is A massive lake which tributes can drink from. There is only 3 trees and 5 bushes with different types of berrys growing on them. However some are poisoness. There will be A special type of mutt so beware.

To the Left of the cornucopia is a rainforest, obviously with many trees and plants. How ever some trees are mutts so they kill you if you climb up one. There is also Loads of Animals to hunt. Tributes will have to sleep in a tree at night. It rains every night.

To the back of the cornucopia is a desert. It is completely bare, no trees,no plants,no lakes, no mutts. However there is a secret to the desert. Far away There is a mountain with a huge cave filled with goods for the entire games.

Near the cornucopia is a door on the floor, if you go in it , you will enter a series of dungeons. There is multiple doors. Some entering rooms which have goods in them, some with mutts.

Corncuopia BloodbathEdit

At the Cornucopia Bloodbath only a few tributes died. One of which was a career tribute. Not much is known about the Bloodbath except from there were not as many deaths as usual.

Order Of DeathsEdit

Place Name Who By Cause
24th Lavendar Gomez Brian Anglim Knife in the neck
23rd Krex Lavermon Thalia Combe Knife in the back
22nd Veronica Klepton Aurora Wilde Head cut off by axe
21st Breg Simmons Patricia Rice Sword through stomach
20th Brian Anglim Muttation Bleed too much from the neck and leg
19th Oscar Mortly Tyler Yates Trident through the chest
18th Katelynn Huxley Wendy Zirbel Knife in the eye.
17th Thalia Combe _______ Sword
16th Ethan Gray


President Snow had to stop the Games as there was a rather serious Rebellion causing the Audience not to watch it. The Remaining Tributes got Lucky

Tributes Edit

District Male Female
1 Ares West Veronica Klepton
2 Gelio Fernandes Thalia Combe
3 Krex Lavermon Lavendar Gomez
4 Tyler Yates Katrina Piper
5 Breg Simmons Patricia Rice
6 Brian Anglim Tamora Summers
7 Daniel Selsvik Aurora Wilde
8 Sebastian Klein Luna Snare
9 Ethan Gray Wendy Zirbel
10 Christian Lorne Cassandra Belladonna
11 Xaiver Carter-Smith Sarah Preston
12 Oscar Mortly Katelynn Huxley