Ares West was a tribute of the 79th Hunger Games and the main witness of the death of Thalia Combe, and stated in his paragraph that he thought she had an erection.

Basic InformationEdit

Ares was 18 years old when he competed in the 79th Annual Hunger Games. He was from one of the Career districts, District 1.


He had brown hair, hazel eyes and had tanned skin. He was 6'0 and muscular.

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Ares West


Ares was fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but was mainly talented with spears. He was a fast runner and a good swimmer. He could also identify many edible items and was good at camoflauge.


Ares's weakness was that he was too cocky.


He was ruthless and mean but pretended to be charming to the capitol to win over their sponsorship.


His strategy was to join the Careers. Nothing else was known.


A carved wooden statue of his father.


Ares lived in one of the poorer parts of his district. He watched people die in the Hunger Games and swore one day that he would win and not give the Capitol the satisfaction of watching him die or break down. In order to insure this, he decided he would train until he was 18 and strong, then he would volunteer and kick ass.