Katrina was a tribute of The 79th Annual Hunger Games.
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Katrina Piper

Basic InformationEdit

Katrina was 17 when she was reaped. She was from District 4.


She is quick and stealthy, also she is great with any hand held weapons (mace, trident, sword, etc).She knows a lot about edible and poisonous plants.


She can let emotions get in the way of things, and has a hard time getting people to like her.

Chariot Ride OutfitEdit

She wore a long dress that is similar to her district partner's suit. The dress is light blue on the top and the shades of blue fade into darker colors of blue the farther down the dress goes. Sea based items are embroided onto it and a seaweed cape, like Tyler. There is a small tiara on her head with pearls and seaweed decorating it.

Training SessionEdit

Katrina made an impression. She walked into the middle of a circle of 8 dummies. She used her quickness and a sword to stab, jab, and slash all of the dummies down. She earned herself an 7.


All Katrina did was state her strengths and weaknesses. The Capitol got bored quickly.

79th Hunger GamesEdit

In the 79th Games, it is likely that Katrina allied with the careers (being from District 4) She wasn't mentioned as much as other tributes, and not much is known about her. Katrina escaped with the remaining tributes and therefore lived.