Krex Lavermon

Basic InformationEdit

Krex was aged 16 when he was reaped. He was from District 3


Krex was quick in a fight, a fast runner and was very intelligent. He was talented with axes and knives. He also could trap someone with a net.

Chariot RideEdit

Krex wore a bright flashy grey suit with the District 3 logo. District 3 won the 3rd best chariot ride outfit.

Training Session.Edit

Krex threw some knives at all of the dummies, some hitting the heads, others hitting the chest and limbs. He also throws an axe at one of the dummies, decapitating it. He was awarded with an score of 8.


Krex was killed by Thalia Combe. Thalia threw a knife into his back which made him die. Krex placed 23rd.