Lavendar Gomez was a tribute in the 79th Annual Hunger Games. She was created by Imortallyrandom.

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Lavendar Gomez

Basic Information Edit

Lavendar was 14 when she was reaped. She is the female tribute from District 3. Her parents were alcoholics who abused her, so she was actually a bit happy to be in the Games and get away from them.

Appearance Edit

Lavendar's appearance is unknown, although she probably had ashen skin and dark hair, as most District 3 residents do.

Skills Edit

Lavendar had a good aim, and was good at camouflage. She was also speedy and could fit into small spaces. She was also talented with a whip.

Personality Edit

Lavendar described herself as "nice" in the interview with Caesar, although she is really timid, bipolar, and slightly agressive.

Weaknesses Edit

Lavendar describes herself as "clumsy", though the rest of her faults are unknown.

Interview Edit

Lavendar was friendly with Caesar, although she was very honest about how her parents treated her. She said she was constantly abused and her parents were drunks. She ranked number three as an Interview Winner.

Chariot Ride Edit

Lavendar and Krex wore typical District 3 outfits. She had gray ribbon on her head and a dark green dress that shot many colors through her body. District 3 ranked number three on the Tribute Parade Winner list.

Indiviual Training Session Edit

Lavendar runs around the room with a whip and throws it like a boomerang and breaks all the dummies. However, she forgot to get the Gamemakers' attention. She retries and gets most of the dummies.

Victim Edit

Lavendar had no victims, as she was the first death of the Cornucopia Bloodbath.

Death Edit

Lavendar died in the initial Cornucopia Bloodbath at the very beginning of the Games. She died when Brian Anglim stuck a knife through her neck. She was the first death, and placed 24th (being the first person to die)