Patricia was a tribute in the 79th Annual Hunger Games.

Katy perry

Patricia Rice

Basic InformationEdit

Patricia was 17 when she was reaped. She is from District 5.


Patricia was talented with a mace. She is also a good healer.


Patricia's weakness is that she hates pain.


Patricia was always kind...except for when she was killing a tribute.

Chariot Ride outfitEdit

Patricia wore a dress that is metallic and silver. It reflects light on the audience that changes colours. During the ride Breg tries to win the crowd by Kissing Patricia on the lips. The crowd went mental.

Training SessionEdit

Patricia walks in and sees the gamemakers laughing at her puny size. She gets angry and throws a mace at the glas booth and smashes the glass. She then leaves. Patricia earns a 5.


Patricia tries to win the crowd by mentioning her sick brother. The crowd is sympathetic and it works.

The GamesEdit

Patricia allies with Luna Snare. Patricia's only victim is Breg Simmons. She killed him when he jumped from a tree and broke his legs. She stabbed him through his stomach and kicked him in the head.