Thalia Combe's death is one of the most famous fictional made death on The Hunger Games Wikia. Her death has even started trending on Twitter.

Thalia's POV

I wake up and glance up at the sky, it's sunny again but it looks like it's going to rain fairly soon. Perfect weather. I pull myself up and turn around. I see Gelio and Ares sleeping silently. Gelio's mouth was agape and saliva was trickling down his chin. "Perhaps I better not wake them", I contemplate to myself as I carelessly slide over to where my sword is kept. Suddenly, I feel a painful sensation shoot up my foot and grab my foot, desperately trying to make the pain disappear. I plummet onto a open weapon case whilst straining to remove my shoe. My private area starts to ache unbearably and I shift my eyes to towards it. My sword was piercing through the clothes that covered my area, tiny drops of scarlet red were making themselves at home on the tip of the sword. Panic starts to flood me and I struggle to break free from the sword. My eyes wander around the grass and fall onto Gelio and Ares' innocent faces. I was rapidly feeling the energy drain from my body and I could faintly hear the blood drip onto the crisp, green grass. My vision was becoming blurred and my mother's, father's and brother's faces was imprinted into my brain. I couldn't think of anything else. Slowly, the corners of my mouth curved upwards and I turned my attention to the oranges beside me. 


Gamemaker's Edit

Thalia received a sponsor gift consisting of Capitol medicine shortly after she passed away. It floated down and struck the tip of the sword. It exploded and the medicine cruised down sword. Thalia now has a sword covered with white fluid. That's some luck.

Ares's POV


I jolt upwards and whip my eyes around. I see Thalia on the floor with an enormous boner. Wow, she obviously had a really wild wet dream. Gelio grunted beside me and shifted his hand onto my crotch. "Wait a minute, girls' don't have penises..." I turn my head towards Thalia's erection...Wait, that's a sword!