Tyler was a Tribute in the 79th Annual Hunger Games .

Basic InformationEdit

Tyler was 15 when he was reaped. He was from District 4.


Tyler was 6 foot tall and was a muscular build. He had brown hair and hazel eyes.

Shane harper

Tyler Yates


Tyler was great at throwing spears and tridents. He was also talented with a sword. He could hide quite well and had skills with camoflage.


Tyler's weakness was that he was very loyal to other tributes.


Tyler could be charming, flirty and funny.

Chariot Ride outfitEdit

Tyler wore a Suit with light blue in the top fading down into darker blue the lower down it gets. It had sea based items embroidered into it and he had a cape made of seaweed and the chariot itself is shaped like a open shell. The Capitol loved this.

Training SessionEdit

Tyler threw 3 spears, all hitting 3 dummys. He then goes over to the sword station and picks up a sword. He slashes wildly, cutting off limbs of the dummys. He finishes by painting himself into a forest so no one can see him. He earns himself a 9.


Tyler tries to be funny but fails miserably.


Tyler was the leader of the biggest alliance. His only victim was Oscar Mortly. He threw his trident into Oscar's Chest.