Not much is known about Veronica, though it is known that she was madly in love with fellow District 1 tribute, Ares West.

Basic InformationEdit

Veronica was a 17 year old girl from District 1 who volunteered in The Hunger Games, It is unknown who she volunteered for though it was mostly someone she didn't know as most career districts volunteer for a place in the games.


Veronica was extremely beautiful. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was quite tall.

Chelsea basham

Veronica Klepton


Veronica was athletic and strong. She was very talented at Material arts.

Training SessionEdit

Veronica sprinted in, showed off her gymnastics through an obstacle course, destroyed a dummies head with a mace, bullseyes with a bow and arrow and then shocked everyone at the climbing station where she flies through in a record breaking 3 seconds.

Veronica received a score of 10 and 10:1 odds of winning in the games.

Chariot RidesEdit

Veronica wore a sexy, revealing grey dress with a small golden tiara on her head. The chariot was a huge diamond. The Capitol seems impressed with the chariot but not the slutty outfits.

Interview with Ceaser FlickermanEdit

In her interview Veronica is obviously trying to be seductive, sexy and desirable. She goes on about how in love with Ares is and how confident she is of winning the games.


She was one of the very first to die which is very unusual for a Career tribute. She placed 22nd and was killed by Aurora Wilde as her head was cut off by an axe.