Wendy Zirbel was a tribute in the 79th Annual Hunger Games. She was submitted by Foxface911.

Megan nicole

Wendy Zirbel (non-lunaii form)

Basic Information Edit

Wendy was only 13 when she was reaped. She is from a wealthy family from District 9. She always tries to see the best in people and is not very athletic.

Appearance Edit

Wendy Zirbel

Wendy Zirbel

Wendy has shirt, brown hair and light blue eyes. She has freckles

Personality Edit

Wendy is generally a friendly person. She tries to see the best in people and is normally energetic.

Weaknesses Edit

She is not very strong or athletic and doesn't follow instructions properly.

Interview Edit

Wendy's interview strategy is unknown.

Chariot Ride Edit

Wendy's Chariot Ride outfit is unknown.

Individual Training Session Edit

Her Training Session is unknown, but she obviously wasn't very good, seeing as she received a score of 3.

Her odds of winning are also unknown.

Victim Edit

Wendy killed Katelynn Huxley, as she stuck a knife through Katelynn's eye, who placed 18th.